20th Anniversary

In 2015 C. M. Packaging B.V. celebrates its 20th anniversary, so we thought it was time to refresh our corporate design! This is not only shown by the new designed logo, but also our total corporate identity has been adjusted accordingly (brochures, letterhead, envelopes, etc.). Of course, the new website can’t be left behind. 

All of this has been done in close collaboration with advertising agency Zeker Zichtbaar.

The new logo has enough characteristics of the old logo, the distinctive angular shapes of the C remains and it has been a conscious choice to go for a minimalist and sleek design. CM Packaging has developed heavily over the last 20 years from “small tin manufacturer” to an independent packaging company for both tin and plastic packaging with a large customer base. Also we have made a name in recent years for our flexible approach, where the customer really is king, and many innovative developments. This makes us a unique supplier in the European packaging landscape.

There is obviously a deeper meaning behind the new logo, and we could explain what we mean with it, but we’ve chosen not to do that and everyone can form his or her own interpretation of it.

We believe in any case that the new corporate design shows what CM Packaging is; a fresh and dynamic company which is ready for a future filled with exciting opportunities!

Do you have a comment or an opinion that you want to share with us? Then let us know!