C.M. Packaging manufactures high-end tin for Heineken.

At the end of 2018 C.M. Packaging has had the honor to manufacture a high-end promotional tin for the world-famous beer brewer Heineken. The can is the promotional packaging for 10 artisan syrup waffles. The syrup is made with Heineken’s beer and very special!

The assignment was to create a new tin in a design, which has various Heineken landmarks incorporated in it. Naturally, the distinctive corporate identity colors red and green of Heineken had to be very accurate with the other products. This challenge is taken by C.M. Packaging without any problems. Especially given the long history with cans made for Heineken and the given trust of the customer.

This beautiful tin with the syrup waffles can be bought by the visitors of the Heineken Experience at the Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam. A very famous tourist attraction, which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

As a result, this tin can be found in many households around the world as a souvenir. Mostlikely it will provide long-lasting promotion for Heineken, when this tin is being reused to store other items.

Hereby, the 2 biggest advantages of tins have been proven again! The lasting promotional value for the customer / brand and a second life for the packaging! That is why tinplate packaging is an ultimate marketing tool and applicable for countless products. Tin is also the most sustainable packaging solution, when it is thrown away.

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Heineken stroopwafel blik

Heineken stroopwafel blik

Heineken stroopwafel blik

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