The new Buisman tinplate

CM Packaging have created and manufactured the new Buisman tinplate packaging.

A fruitful collaboration between Buisman Consumer Products BV and CM Packaging has led to the a new packaging innovation.

The desire of Buisman Consumer Products B.V. was to restore the old tins honor and replace the existing glass packaging. The starting point was a tin packaging which meets today’s standards of food safety and preservation.

After an extensive testing period, this resulted in a combined packaging of a tinplate can with a perfect sealable plastic lid. It was absolutely necessary that this plastic closure sealed of the tin in order to ensure the quality of the product. In addition to this, it was also a requirement that it should be relatively easy to open and close.

The embossing on the top and on the side ensures the visibility of the brand and gives the consumer grip in order to open the can.

The design made by Brumm design is of course printed using the latest printing techniques of the highest standards.

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