CM Packaging manufactures high-end packaging for CBD-pouches.

CM Packaging has developed a high-quality tinplate packaging for the innovative American start-up Cannadips. This is a market entry for CM Packaging in the rapidly growing market for healthy medicinal CBD and THC products in the United States of America.

The customer has developed a revolutionary product for using CBD and THC in a discrete and dosed way and thereby present the proven benefits to the American consumer. Since this is a high quality product, they also wanted a very high quality packaging. This resulted in CM Packaging as their supplier, as we specialize in high-quality packaging and were able to offer a hybrid solution.

The hybrid packaging consists of a tin with a plastic waste tray ,mounted in the lid, so that the finished pouches are not thrown on the ground. Naturally, the tin protects the product well against dehydration and other external influences which can damage the product.

The first full container deliveries have been carried out to the full satisfaction of the customer and have fulfilled the expectations for both parties. An expansion in the product range for the customer will be rolled out in 2018.

For more information about the possibilities at CM Packaging for your innovative snus packaging and / or other packaging requests, please contact:

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Sales & Marketing Manager
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