CM Packaging manufactures milk powder tins for the infant formula market.

CM Packaging started as a “preferred supplier” for tinplate packaging at a well-known manufacturer of infant formula and infant cereal. This is for CM Packaging a market-entry into the growing market of infant formula and milk powder.

The producer already had two suppliers for these tins, but they could not cope with the growing demand and the needed fast delivery times. These circumstances has allowed CM Packaging to come into the picture as a supplier, as we are the specialist in high-quality tinplate packaging and have a very flexible production process.

Since infant formula are meant for a very vulnerable group, babies and toddlers, it must meet the most critical requirements. After an intensive process with multiple meetings and tests; where the production method, food safety regulations, quality and supply reliability have been carefully examined, everything came out positive. Because of this CM Packaging has been validated as a supplier of milk powder cans for the customer.

The first production runs and deliveries have been carried out to the satisfaction of the customer and have lived up to the expectations of both parties. An expansion of the product range for the customer will be rolled out in 2017.

For more information about your possibilities at CM Packaging for infant formula tins and / or other packaging requests, please contact:

Herbert van de Beek
Sales & Marketing Manager

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