CM Packaging manufactures promotional confectionary tins.

CM Packaging has designed and manufactured two promotional storage tins for the popular Dutch Autodrop brand. These tins have been used in 2 action periods in the Dutch retail, because of a change in the filling weight of the standard carton packaging.

With the purchase of 2 boxes of sweets, the consumer received a free promotional tin to store the sweets in, which were packed together in a plastic sleeve. Because of this tin continuous, long-lasting brand promotion has occured in the Dutch households, because the sweets can be stored in the tins, but also pencils, markers or other stuff of the children. After a successful first promotion, a second promotion has been done where a new design has been created. The first and second promotion have both achieved the sales target of the retail customer.

The briefing was to make an appealing high-quality tin, that met the total set of requirements, but which also had to have a low price. After several talks with each other, the customer and CM Packaging came to an agreement. CM Packaging has designed, produced and delivered a completely new product within 5 weeks. This project has been the start of a successful cooperation between the two parties.

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