CM Packaging partners up with Cannadips for a hybrid child resistant tin.

CM Packaging has partnered up again with the innovative American pharmaceutical start-up Cannadips for a high-quality child resistant packaging . This is joint expansion of the range for CM Packaging and our partner Hoffmann Neopac in the rapidly growing market for healthy medicinal CBD and THC products in the United States of America.

Due to a change in legislation and regulations, the customer was forced to add a child resistant packaging to the range, in addition to the standard tinplate packaging that CM Packaging produces for them. In half a year CM Packaging has been able to delivera hybrid solution of metal and plastic, which has passed the obligatory certification.

The hybrid packaging is externally made of full metal, with all of the promotional advantages, but it is child resistant thanks to the plastic parts. Naturally, the can protects the product well against dehydration and other external influences which can damage the product.

The first full container deliveries have been carried out to the full satisfaction of the customer and have fulfilled the expectations for both parties.

For more information about the possibilities at CM Packaging for your CR-tin or innovative packaging and / or other packaging requests, please contact:

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Sales & Marketing Director
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