Company profile

Company profile

C.M. Packaging, established in Dronten, was founded in 1995 as a result of a management buy-in from the CarnaudMetalbox Group. A team with extensive experience in the field of tinplate packaging has allowed the company to grow up to be an internationally operating partner for development and production of packaging for both the industrial as promotional market.

Takeover D&F Plastics

In 2007 D&F Plastics was acquired by C.M. Packaging, which means C.M. Packaging, next to tinplate packaging, was also able to supply plastic injection moulded products for various markets (cosmetics, snus, components and food). With the acquisition of D&F Plastics C.M. Packaging has further specialized herself in the development of packaging and closures in combinations of both plastic and metal. Innovating concepts are developed indivdually or developed and produced in projects together with the customers. Nowadays there are 19 production lines for metal packaging in Dronten, as well as 22 injection mold machines for plastic packaging. In order to comply wit the most up to date and high quality demands and to stimulate a further growth, C.M. Packaging has moved in 2009 to the new location in Dronten.

Company profile

The company philosophy of C.M. Packaging is based on 5 cornerstones:

  • In-house development of packaging
  • Active in niche market
  • AAA customers
  • A unique productionline for each product
  • Long term contracts with customers

At the moment C.M Packaging has 48 employees. The involvement of the employees is big and the internal lines are short, which optimizes the customer service. The company stimulates a frequent exchange of information between the various departments. This has lead to personal growth and development of the staff with the clear objective that the shared knowledge will lead to an optimized communication to the customer.

C.M. Packaging has grown drastically since her independence in 1995 and we are proud to say that our people grew with us. The technological advances and continuous fluctuations on the market are monitored continuously and give often input for new developments and optimization of both the products as within the company.