C.M. Packaging manufactures a lot of components for various industries. Examples for this are the caps of Aerosols, several closures for glass and plastic jars, plastic components for daily use objects and jars and inserts for food and dry powder products.

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C.M. Packaging has extensive experience in both the development and the production of new packaging for the snus industry. In collaboration with our customers C.M. Packaging has developed various innovative and high quality snus packaging, from idea to actual products.

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Health & Beauty

C.M. Packaging manufactures various types of packaging within the Health & Beauty-segment. Examples for this are jars and lids for cosmetics such as creams, hair products, oils etc. Also C.M. Packaging has a lot of experience in supplying these jars and lids with In-Mould Labeling, so there is no need for applying a label at […]

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