Promotional candy packaging for Katja Fassin!

CM Packaging has designed and manufactured two promotional tins for its customer Katja Fassin for their delicious Biggetjes and Apekoppen sweets. These were again used in Dutch retail during a promotional period. The tins are of course in a new design and contain 500 grams of the well-known and loved sweets that are also completely vegetarian!

The briefing was to make a high-quality tin that met the total set of requirements. But which certainly also had to have a low cost. After a few conversations, the customer and CM Packaging cam to a satisfying agreement. After this, a completely new tin was designed, maufactured and delivered within 5 weeks.

Because of the sustainability that is of paramount importance and the advertising value of a nice sturdy tin, the brand has continued promotion in Dutch households. Because people will of course keep the sweets in the can. Furthermore, afterwards it is often used as storage boxes for pencils, markers or other children’s play equipment. After the successful first promotion at the beginning of 2017, each year we have done at least 1 more promotion, often even 2 per year. For which new designs have always been made-up. We can rightly say that a successful cooperation between Katja Fassin and CM Packaging has arisen. We are naturally very proud of this!

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Katja snoepblikken

Katja snoepblikken

Katja snoepblikken

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